Science Backed Reasons Your Lab Needs Sit-Stand Desks

3 Science Backed Reasons Your Lab Needs Sit-Stand Desks

Laboratory work has changed and will inevitably continue to change over time. So, why hasn’t lab furniture changed with it? With a surge in employers looking to office design to promote wellness among their employees, you may be thinking about what you can do to keep your lab employees happy and engaged. There’s one practical change that can make a world of difference: installing sit-stand desks.

Sit-stand desks may seem like a design fad for corporate offices but they’re here to stay and we’ve adapted them specifically for laboratory work. Multiple surface types are available for chemical and greater bacteria resistance.

Here are three scientifically studied reasons why your lab needs sit-stand desks for your employees.

1. Better physical health

It’s true – sedentary lifestyles have been linked to obesity, cancer, and other dangerous health risks. The research is so alarming, prolonged sitting has been called “the new smoking” by Mayo clinic doctor, James Levine.

Ergonomic workspace setups, like those found with the right sit-stand desks, promote physical wellness by giving employees opportunities to move about. Standing for eight hours (or more) a day would be just as ergonomically problematic as sitting for that same amount of time but having the option to move up and down will help improve employees’ circulation, relieve joint pain, and correct their posture—to name a few. When employees can spend less time focusing on aches and pains, they can spend more time doing what they do best.

2. Improved mood and energy

Once you’re seated, it’s easy to stay seated. Giving employees the option to sit or stand at their desks also invites them to move about—and physical activity is tied to better mood. Even a brief walk can have a positive impact. Positivity breeds more positivity, making the overall office environment a pleasant one for all employees.

And while it’s easy to fall into a mid-afternoon slump while sitting at a desk, standing up provides employees with an energy boost without needing to rely on caffeine or sugary snacks. That energy can create more mental alertness and better focus, both of which are critical to success in a laboratory setting.

3. Increased collaboration and productivity

When your lab uses sit-stand desks, it makes the office space all the more dynamic. The right sit-stand desk setups create extra floor space for other resources and encourage movement, making the scientific discovery process a transparent, shared experience.

And while collaboration is a key to success, the individual physical and mental benefits of sit-stand desks can be found even during heads-down work. The better your employees feel, the more mentally alert and productive they’ll be. And that productivity will continue to increase over time.

Above all, your employee experience will be a positive one.

For all the individual benefits that come along with sit-stand desks, the overwhelming shared benefit is positive employee experience. In a competitive job market, your lab relies on winning and keeping top talent. Giving them an exceptional experience⁠, one where they can feel better physically, mentally, and feel empowered to do their best work⁠, will not only make your employees happy and engaged⁠—it’ll keep them that way, too. And a happy, engaged workforce is integral to any lab’s success.