We design laboratories
for modern science

Bringing your lab to life and life to your lab

MacBick delivers laboratory environments where scientists want to work. The modern lab is flexible for changing needs, supports safety and wellness, and drives collaboration.

What Problems We Solve

  • Laboratory needs have changed.

  • Maximizing space and creating flexibility with modular furniture is the future.

  • Groups are increasingly collaborative and need space to work together.

  • Aesthetics and comfort matter when recruiting top talent for the private sector.

  • Faster Installation: Our delivery and installation times average four weeks faster than most.

  • Streamlined Process: We are your primary contact for all design, installation, and equipment, designing with the unique electrical, gas, circulation, noise, and safety needs of your space.


MacBick has been supporting laboratory science for 100 years. Our experts have worked in and with thousands of laboratories in the Private Sector, University Medical Research, Government, Biotech, Pharma, Cannabis, and Industrial labs. We know that every lab has unique needs and we ensure every detail is covered.

Who We Are

MacBick is a lab distribution company that is female-owned and operated by an industry veteran. MacBick helps empower labs with the tools they need to discover the future of science by embracing new technology, standardizing data, and leveraging cloud infrastructure.

We believe in enabling women in science. We are female entrepreneurs who honor and support women pioneering scientific research. We are bravely pursuing our passions and fiercely fighting for each other.