MacBick Partners with brrr° to Create No Wet, Cooling Face Masks

Face masks continue to be required in most public places, including the workplace but come with a lot of complaints about breathability, heat, and moisture. Wearing them for a long period of time, like 8+ hours at work, is uncomfortable at best so MacBick sought out to create a mask that provides more comfort.

Partnering with brr°, the creator of the Triple Chill Effect technology and maker of cooling fabrics, MacBick developed the Cooling Face Mask that also wicks moisture and dries quickly.

There’s absolutely NO wetting, freezing, or refrigeration required.

brrr°’s groundbreaking cooling innovation is cool to the touch and actively reduces skin temperature. The cooling technology is permanently integrated into the fiber of the fabric and it never fades or washes away and has an added benefit of UV protection.

The new non-medical grade masks feature multi-layered cotton that keeps wearers comfortable without sacrificing personal safety. It can be washed by hand and ​reused up to 20 times​. At the end of the day, simply soak in warm water with a gentle detergent for 30 minutes, gently wash, and hang dry for use the next day.

The Cooling Masks are affordable at $12 for adults. There are two sizes available for children, small and medium, for $10 – great for children who are going back to school with mask requirements. All sizes come in both blue and white.

The ability to reuse the masks up to 20 times means you can effectively use one mask per month for work or school days, while having a spare will get you through the weekends as well. They’re also great for athletes who are required to cover up during workouts.

To purchase the Cooling Masks or learn more please visit For bulk purchase inquiries, please contact [email protected]