MacBick Lifetime Warranty


MacBick warrants that all MacBick products shall be free from defect in material and workmanship for the duration of use and ownership by the original retail purchaser.


The warranty is applicable exclusively to original purchasers of MacBick products accomplished through factory authorized retail dealers of MacBick, and shall remain in force for so long as the product is used in conformance with the original intended purposes and activity as represented to the authorized MacBick retail dealer or representative.


Should such warrantable conditions arise with respect to MacBick products, MacBick will repair or replace such damaged or defective products free of charge, at its direction, and shall pay reasonable shipment and replacement costs to accomplish such repair or replacement.


Normal wear and tear are not a warrantable condition.


Unauthorized uses, repairs, installation or modifications of MacBick products shall void this warranty and liability for warrantable repairs or replacement by MacBick. Misuse, neglect, abuse or accidents resulting in damage to MacBick products are non-warrantable conditions and shall release MacBick from any liability of repair or replacement of damaged MacBick products where damage results from such non-warrantable conditions. Damage in transit to original purchaser is not a warrantable item, as such damage is the responsibility of respective motor carrier and shall be resolved by the respective authorized MacBick dealer providing goods on behalf of the original purchaser of MacBick products.


This warranty is the exclusive and only warranty made by MacBick pertaining to MacBick products. Any additional warranty, whether expressed, implied, or otherwise construed, is summarily hereby disclaimed.


Furthermore, the herein above stated remedies for claims arising from warrantable conditions with regard to MacBick products are the exclusive, sole remedy for any breach of warranty. In no event nor under any circumstance shall MacBick be liable for any incidental or consequential damages of any kind arising from the warrantable purchase and use of MacBick products.