Design for the new scientific workplace

Let us design a lab that will evolve with your science.

Mobile casework and workstations provide flexibility and sustainability for
changing needs while social buildings promote team-based research. Lab
benches designed for computer use and mobility enhance productivity and
wellness. The lab can be both beautiful and functional.

Our Process

  • 1


    We meet with your entire team to discuss the unique lab requirements for your scientific workflows, the building and space, future expectations, and pain points you’ve experienced in the past to understand the full landscape of your needs.

  • 2


    Our experienced design team works directly with our laboratory furniture and equipment manufacturers to create a space that supports all of your technical and safety needs, improves productivity, and is aesthetically pleasing.

  • 3


    Our team manages the building and installation process, coordinating delivery and installation for furniture and equipment, streamlining the process and saving you time and headaches.

  • 4


    MacBick is a distributor of laboratory equipment and consumables and can work with our vendors to fully stock your lab, from pipette tips to -80 freezers.

Our Design

  • Collaborative

    The new scientific workplace fosters team-based research, interaction, and transparency. We design for both open and closed labs and provide spaces for peers to gather and collaborate.

  • Safe

    Laboratories have many potential hazards including chemical, biological, physical, and electrical. MacBick carefully considers all aspects of safety when designing your space, ensuring that your lab is designed, built, and equipped to give you peace of mind.

  • Beautiful

    While the lab may need to be clean, it doesn’t have to look sterile. Research shows that a pleasing laboratory environment can not only improve productivity and focus but can also have health-related benefits.

  • Flexible

    Using modular casework and workstations, we design for the future of your lab.